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Price Guide For Norwich Choi Kwang Do



Weekdays = £5 (up to 2 Hours)

Weekends = £5 (2 Hours)

Additional Costs

Annual Membership = £30

Dobok = £45

Colour belt or tag Grading = £25

1st Degree Black Belt = Price on application (approximately £145)


  Children's prices are subsidised with thanks to the NCKD Fundraising Committee. Dedicated to keeping costs affordable


Weekdays = £2 (Per Hour)

Weekends = £4 (2 hours)

Additional Costs

Membership = £20 Subsidised (normally £25)

Dobok Hire = Free with Full Membership

Colour Belt or Tag Gradings = £10 subsidised (normally £25)

1st Degree Black Belt = Price on application (Discount of £15 from adults price)

 Ladies Self Defense


Teens = £2.00 per Session

18+ = £3.00 per Session


Additional Costs

Enrolment & Annual Insurance = £10

Other Equipment

All other equipment is supplied by us at no cost but you are welcome to purchase your own safety equipment ie gloves, shin protectors,  arm protectors, For Men we suggest the purchase of groin guards, we also recommend that everyone purchase Suitable footwear,  Good cheap martial arts shoes can be purchased from Sports direct located in chapelfield mall but for a new child student we also accept plimsolls as they are light and flexible but they don't offer as much protection.

Prices revised May 2021


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